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AuvergneCafe & Restaurant

Auvergne Cafe Restaurant Rhodes Old Town

Auvergne The Cafe Bar Old Town Rhodes

One of the most atmospheric places in the island of Rhodes in Old Town, Auvergne. Our wonderful outdoors is ideal for relaxing mornings and nights in the old city of Rhodes.

In this natural environment you can enjoy coffee, dessert or drink in excellent quality. Our coffee is of single origin and freshly roasted . The desserts, crepes and waffles are made from pure ingredients and fresh mixes, the snacks are made daily in small quantities so they are always fresh.


μύδια θαλασσινα όστρακα seashells mussels

Auvergne The Restaurant Old Town Rhodes

Wonderful dishes, such as authentic Caesar's, avocado salad, a variety of appetizers such as bruschettes with salmon , mozzarella or prosciutto from Parma, appetizers like fried feta pies, burek, stuffed mushroom, salmon roll and many other flavours that await you every day inside the Old Town of Rhodes.

Also, main dishes such as shrimps, smoked sea bass, spaghetti and fillets.

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reviews on Tripadvisor and FacebookWHAT OUR LOVELY CUSTOMERS SAY

  • Don's miss this place! You will love the atmosphere,the service,the great food and the live music every night!

    Eva Navrozidou

  • Η Auvergne βρίσκεται σε έναν υπέροχο χώρο που σε ταξιδεύει στα Μεσαιωνικά χρόνια. Είναι ένας θησαυρός στο νησί της Ρόδου!

    Λευτέρης Χανδακάρης

  • This place is a marvel in the medieval town. The food was great! We enjoyed it!

    David Shilat

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