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Some words about us...

The story of Auvergne... from 2014 until today..

φωτισμενη αυλη παλιας πολης ροδου barrel of wines in old town rhodes

βραδυνη εξοδος στη παλια πολη ροδος dinner in old town Rhodes Greece

Auvergne, the Knight's Quarters.

Auvergne Cafe is a unique place which is located in one of the most sought out corners of the Old City but also in one of the greatest historical centers, in the Medieval town of Rhodes. A breath away from - the world famous - Knight's street. Auvergne opened its gates in 2014 with a single goal in mind, to restore the atmosphere and spirit of that era through a simple morning coffee, a lunch or an aperitif at dusk always at the company of Greek music under a plane tree.

Enjoy your day in a pleasant and friendly environment always with wonderful drinks and dishes.

Our goal is to take you to another era... the Medieval!

ταμπελα Ωβέρνης
Heidi Katahanas

Musical paths...

In Auvergne we all become a group of friends and travel together with our favourite musicians and we let what we loved in quality Greek songs to "touch" our souls.

Performances of our favourite composers to take us in beloved paths of quality Greek songs !

We await you for an enjoyable live music program as our place frequently houses musical shapes!

ζωντανη μουσικη live music instruments

μουσικες βραδυες στον εξωτερικο χωρο music night outdoor old town

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